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Silver T+D has a leverage ratio of 5 times, and the risk is relatively large. Therefore, if you are not a professional investor, I still recommend that they consider unlevered paper silver and physical silver. According to my observations of investors, it

When the gold-to-oil ratio is greater than 20, the direction is clearer and you can do more gold. At present, it is more to wait for the opportunity to hedge. Nanhua Futures researcher Xue Na said that in view of the imminent expiration of the reversal op

On the last trading day (19th), a series of economic data released by the United States was relatively good. The market’s concerns about interest rate hikes have increased, which has suppressed the trend of precious metals to a certain extent, and gold an

On the morning of March 10, outside the Huarong Pawnshop on Anqing Road, Ms. Xu holding a platinum necklace inquired about the price, said that this necklace was a birthday gift from her lover, and the price was 300 yuan per gram at the time. Inquiry, I d

On Monday, the United States Mint stated in a memo to authorized purchasers that although one-ounce gold coins are still the most popular currency, the demand for one-tenth ounce gold coins is very strong. Compared with the same period last year, the cumu

The TED spread is an important indicator of market risk sentiment. Before March of this year, the TED spread was stable. The gold trend continued the inertia of 2019. In the meantime, it was mixed with some factors such as Middle East geopolitics and lowe