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Deira precious metals reviewfi fixed rate generation protocol 88mph was officially launched, allowing users to earn fixed interest based on cryptocurrency and get mph token return. Currently, the supported difi platforms include AAVE, compound and yearn, and the supported tokens are ausdc, cusdc, CuNi, yusd and ycrvsbtc.

Finance, an automated defo yield aggregator, had total assets under management of about $8 million and a comprehensive yield of about 10.5% before the launch of the governance token yfi. Its working principle is to automatically deposit stable currency, and to realize income through AAVE, compound and dydx. It is a re launched product, bringing a new set of yield tools, such as ytrade, yliquidate, yleverage, ypool and smart contract credit entrusted loan. Andre cronje, founder of Finance (yfi), said that the purpose of year and ecological defi project Akropolis Akropolis is to solve the global pension deficit crisis, and hope to be able to effectively manage the technical platform of pension funds. At the same time, the principle of block chain distributed accounting is used to achieve transparent and efficient management of pension funds. Akropolis hopes to become a multi jurisdictional platform to provide pension, social welfare and future benefits in a portable way. Over time, individual end users and large institutional participants will form a new incentive system. Akropolis is helping to break away from the world of pension fund deficiencies and build a new, unchanging and transparent pension fund infrastructure based on smart contracts, which will greatly change the way people think about saving and investing. Its chief executive officer AnastasiaO.Andrianova He is an experienced special case investment expert with a strong interest in decentralization and blockchain, and is currently a member of the Web3 Foundation Advisory Committee; Sandra Wu, director and financial officer of the Executive Committee of the association of legal advisers, has more than 10 years of legal experience in M & A, corporate and securities law, and private equity fund formation; and Peter robe Rtson is a UK actuarial researcher with more than 30 years of experience in pension, life insurance and asset management in developed and emerging economies; aylon Morley is an outstanding entrepreneur and investor,

The user-defined configuration is charity or profit-making organization, and the University's exemption rate, donation parameters and student grants can also be configured.

The lender adds trueusd to truefi pool for borrowing, earning income and mining tru. The borrower submits a loan application (including the amount of funds required, the interest that can be provided and the loan term, etc.), and then the tru pledgor decides whether to approve the loan by voting, and then decides whether to approve the loan by tru pool smart contract risk parameters and tru pledgor's opinions Loans. The borrower must repay the principal and interest before the expiration of the loan term, and will face legal proceedings in case of default. In addition, trusttoken will gradually move forward to transfer control to the community.

The community also voted to modify and supplement the two proposals as follows: 1. Change the reserve assets to yusd (yycrv); 2. Add sync() call to yamv3 / ethuniswapv2 pool; 3. Set hard coding suggestions and arbitration threshold; 4. Set the voting period to two days. In addition, yamv3 migration smart contracts will be audited by peckshield and are expected to be completed in the next few weeks. The initial supply of V3 is 5 million, and the transfer ratio from yamv2 to yamv3 is 1:1, 50% of which can be redeemed immediately and the other 50% can be continuously exchanged within 30 days. Lianwen previously reported that yamfinance completed the migration of yamv1 to V2 on August 23, and launched the Governance Forum on August 24.

JST holders have the right to make management decisions on the just loan platform, and JST can be used to pay interest on CDP. The USD 1:1 mortgage is generated tira precious metals reviewhrough a usd-1 secured TRX platform.

The fastest growing e-commerce companies in Asia, including woowa brothers, qoo10, carousell, pomelo and Tiki, joined Terra alliance with TMon, which can become the stage of Terra's large-scale trading media. In addition to being a currency, Terra wants to develop into an open platform on which innovative financial dapps can be built on Terra's stability. In closing the gap between digital currency and practical application, Terra helps to release the huge and unrealized potential of the blockchain, thus completely changing the nature and form of currency. Terraluna view more research director Nicholas platias wrote an article on the deposit agreement "anchor" on terra blockchain. Anchor provides a principal protected stable currency savings product, which accepts Terra deposits and pays a stable interest rate. It aims to provide a reliable interest rate for stable currency deposits. The main characteristics of anchor are as follows: 1. Principal guaranteed, anchor implements a liquidation agreement to clear the borrower's collateral when there is loan risk, thus protecting the depositor's principal; 2. Immediate withdrawal without locking; 3. Stable interest rate. Lianwen found that on the official page of anchor, anchor will be managed by the inter chain asset Association, whose members include Terra and cosmoscosmos, to solve the interoperability and scalability problems of blockchain and improve the transaction speed. To some extent, it becomes the Internet on the blockchain. Cosmos, known as "the Internet of blockchain", is also considered as the version 3.0 of blockchain. It aims to solve the problems of blockchain interoperability and scalability. Its communication protocol between blockchains can realize the interconnection of blockchains and support the asset transfer between different blockchains. Cosmos believes that the world can not be dominated by one blockchain. It must be a world in which multiple chains coexist and multiple currencies coexist. How to integrate Multi Chain and multi currency into an ecosystem is cosmos's ultimate ideal. It believes that money and chains should be separated. Tencent, the core technology of cosmos,