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Precious metal investment_precious metal trading

May 16 is the day when the total US federal debt reaches the upper limit of 14.29 trillion US dollars. US Treasury Secretary Geithner recently stated in a letter to the leaders of the Senate that the Treasury Department will take urgent measures to reallo

But the market still has some reactions to this. After the three major U.S. stock indexes reached their highest point at around 10:37 am on the 17th, they oscillated all the way and finally closed up slightly from the day before, but they never reached th

On the 24th, investment experts from the Jiangxi Gold Trading Center of Zhaojin Group stated that although gold still has room for growth, in the context of the global capital market plummeting, the reason for the strength of gold mainly comes from its sp

MetalsFocus said that due to the sharp drop in oil prices, the weakening of the stock market, the rise of concerns about a slowdown in global economic growth, and rising uncertainty in Europe, gold was boosted by safe-haven demand. However, we believe tha

Of course, in the development and operation of mineral projects, in addition to financing costs and risk control, there are more influencing factors in the choice of joint development, such as political pressure and advantages. In any case, market expecta

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