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In addition, compared with the first halfPrecious metal prices of the holiday season, gold store sales are gradually entering the summer off-season, and various businesses have also held preferential activities. It is reported that this weekend, in addition to lowering the price of gold, platinum and palladium jewelry offers a discount of 10 yuan per gram and a 20% discount on silver jewelry. Guohua Mall will also take advantage of the 33rd anniversary celebration to carry out large-scale promotional activities in early July.

There are more customers like him during the March 8th Festival. Most of the gifts for girlfriends, wives, and mothers buy gold jewelry. The salesperson at the counter interjected humorously: If you want to talk about hot, it is the Spring Festival this year. She introduced that a variety of New Year products such as the New Year of the Ox ornaments, gold bars and three-dimensional ox pendants are welcomed by customers. The company’s exclusive New Year series of Fortune Bull Gold Ornaments is a necklace that combines Fortune Money and transfer gold beads. Jewelry in different shapes, such as, bracelets, and mobile phone pendants, have become popular products during the Spring Festival. The daily sales volume reaches thousands of pieces, ranking first among Caibai’s best-selling products.

The fall in the price of gold, the most important thing is the weakening of market expectations for the Fed to launch a new round of quantitative easing monetary policy (QE3). Shen Shisheng, deputy general manager of the Financial Markets Department of ICBC, said at the previous derivatives market forum that the expectation of a new round of quantitative easing existed for a long time last year, but the Fed did not implement the easing policy in February this year, especially the recent US economic data. The significant improvement also suppressed the price of gold.

Global liquidity is the core of the fair value of gold. Standard Bank said in its latest research report that it is still bullish on gold. The report predicts that given that global liquidity is still rising, gold prices will rise further, and that the rise in global liquidity will no longer be driven too much by the actions of the Federal Reserve, but will be increasingly affected by government borrowing.

JamesSteel: We are bullish on the gold market in the medium to long term. The average international spot gold price in 2011 was US$1525 per ounce, but this year’s fluctuation range is very large, and it may reach US$1600 per ounce in the next few months. In 2012, the average price will fall back to around US$1500 per ounce, but the fluctuation range will be Narrower than this year.

According to the monthly survey results released by the German think tank ZEW on Tuesday, the German ZEW EconoPrecious metal pricesmic Sentiment Index fell from positive 3.1 in May to negative 9.0 in June, the lowest level since January 2009, and the first time it turned negative since October last year; The market is forecast to drop to minus 2.0.