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On August 11, 2011, the first phase of the high-end interview series "Focus on Market Development in the Golden Decade" exclusively planned by Gold Channel invited Mr. Liu Shanen, the expert committee of the Beijing Gold Economic Research CThe most precious metalenter. He talked about the current concept of the gold market no longer being a market, but a market system composed of multiple markets. How to transition and choose from a unified leadership structure to a multiple leadership structure is a bottleneck problem encountered in the current gold market reform. How to effectively solve it will play an important role in the vigorous development of the future gold market.

Dagong International Credit Rating Co., Ltd. stated that the national credit ratings of the U.S. domestic currency and foreign currency are included in negative observations. The negative effects of factors such as the debt solvency environment, wealth creation ability, and debt servicing sources that affect the solvency of the U.S. government continue to rise. At the same time, the fiscal cliff and Sudden events such as the debt ceiling will further increase the vulnerability of its debt solvency.

The president of the United States is elected every four years, and a total of 17 presidents have been elected in 25 terms in the past 100 years. Among them, the Republican Party has 13 and 10 presidents; the Democratic Party has 12 and 7 presidents. Looking back at the real GDP growth rate and CPI changes in the 100 years from 1921 to 2020, when the Republican Party was in power, the average real GDP growth rate in the United States over the years was 2.28%, and the U.S. CPI over the years was 2.14%; when the Democratic Party was in power, the average real GDP in the United States over the years was average. The growth rate is 4.55%, and the US CPI over the years is 3.26%. From the perspective of governing effects, the Democratic Party’s power can bring greater GDP growth to the United States, and the Republican Party’s power can bring lower inflation to the United States.

From July 25 to July 29, the price of AU9995 gold opened at 334.80 yuan, the intraday highs and lows were 336.26 yuan and 333.30 yuan respectively; it closed at 333.56 yuan, an increase of 3.72 yuan from the previous week’s closing price, an increase of 1.13%.

2. The European Central Bank (ECB) said on Tuesday that it will take action to limit the government's use of bonds as collateral for loans. The bank said that, except for the bonds currently used as collateral, it will no longer accept new government guarantees and other quasi-fiscal guarantee bonds as collateral, and the new regulations will take effect immediately.

July is like a fire, and the eleven consecutive suns that have not been seen in 30 years of gold are destined to make this fiery July passionate. The price of gold has risen for two consecutive weeksThe most precious metal, standing above the $1,600 mark, setting a new historical record, and has become a beautiful landscape in the recent market, quickly igniting the enthusiasm of gold investors.

Up to now, compared with the highest point and the lowest point, the price of gold has fluctuated more than 30% this year, which is very rare in the past few years. Liu Yuning, deputy general manager of Jingyi Gold Industry Co., Ltd., told reporters: In recent years, the annual growth rate of gold prices has generally been more than ten percent. If the growth rate this year develops, it will not be impossible to reach $2,000 per ounce at the end of this year. , But the question is, can such a price be stabilized? The reasons for the large volatility of gold prices are complex. Inflation, U.S. debt crisis, European debt crisis and geopolitical issues have fully demonstrated the value preservation and hedging functions of gold. The demand for investment and speculation continues to increase. These factors push up the price of gold. Going higher, on the other hand, people are also afraid of the high price of gold, and a slight disturbance will cause a big shock due to expected factors.