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The international goldDirector of International Precious Metals Institute price is like a wild horse. In the past six trading days, it has soared by 150 US dollars per ounce. Not only did the closing price of international gold futures break the 1,800 US dollars per ounce mark last week, yesterday, the international spot gold price once touched 1894 US dollars per ounce. Ounces, only one step away from the US$1,900/ounce mark.

Affected by factors such as the renewed tension in Ukraine, which stimulated market risk aversion, precious metals generally recorded a moderate rise in the previous trading day. London Gold opened from US$1,296.53, and then steadily rose. During European time, the increase was boosted by rumors about Ukraine in the market, and it was as high as $1,314.18. There was a slight fall in the US session. As of the close, it was reported at 1308.40 US dollars, an increase of 11.45 US dollars, an increase of 0.88%. Spot silver, driven by the rise in gold, also achieved larger gains and closed above the round mark. Data information shows that on the previous trading day, spot silver opened at an intraday low of $19.86, and then steadily rose, reaching the highest near $20.16. As of the close, it rose 0.18 US dollars to 20.03 US dollars, an increase of 0.91%.

According to the product manual, the profit-for-gold means that the investor signs an agreement with the bank to invest in physical gold with the expected return of the investor’s principal within the agreed period of one year, and the investor gets the physical standard gold bar in advance; after the contract expires, The bank then returns all the principal to the customer, which is a bank wealth management product that guarantees the fluctuation of principal and income.

TimIacono said that in addition, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke plans to speak at the annual meeting of Fed officials in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 31. From the time point of view, it will fit better with the gold price graph.

Kashkari said that the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is expected to issue stronger signals to the market, although for now it is not clear that these signals will actually be fulfilled at the Jackson Hole Global Central Bank Annual Meeting on the weekend .

On April 2, the person in charge of the futures exchange told this reporter that the membership applications of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Industrial Bank and Minsheng Bank were approved to become self-operated members of the futures exchange. This means that the above-mentioned four banks can directly participate in the gold futures trading of the Shanghai Futures Exchange, and it is also the first step in the real sense taken by commercial banks in the futures market after my country has liberalized financial institutions to participate Director of International Precious Metals Institutein futures trading controls.

After the gold price touched $1005/Sian Yang again on February 20, there was a consecutive week of decline, with a drop of 10%, and it received short-term support near $900/Sian Yang. This trend makes the future trend of gold more even confusing. The reason is that since fundamental factors support the rise of gold prices, the trend of London gold futures prices clearly shows that the upside is limited.

Obviously, the sell-off in the market can be felt very fierce, which shows that near $1,000 per ounce, large funds also have the urge to take profits. Cai Zhenwei, a senior bank trader, the country's largest gold agency trading agency, told a reporter from the Securities News when talking about the feeling of the market near $1,000. In the view of floor traders, getting rid of the soaring of the U.S. dollar (USD) and black gold (crude oil) independently, the capital market has become the main feature of this round of gold futures hitting the $1,000 mark again.

Barroso (JoseManuelBarroso) said: I respect Greek democracy and the Greek parliament, but I must also respect the other 16 parliaments that approved the aid plan. So naturally, this agreement must be respected, and if it cannot be respected, then a country that does not respect the agreement cannot be allowed to exist.

The author does not doubt that the European debt crisis will provide favorable support for gold in the long term, but in the relatively short term, after a full interpretation of the above-mentioned materials, it is not difficult for us to get such a view. Sexuality may be the reason for the recent decline in gold prices, and blindly using risk aversion or commodity attributes for analysis, there may be strategic misjudgments. In terms of the reality of the crisis being transmitted from Greece to Italy, the possibility of a further impact on the gold market due to liquidity issues cannot be ruled out.

There is still room for gold to rise. The interest rate hike of the US dollar is a weather vane for the reduction of global currency interest rates. According to the meeting records of the Federal Reserve, the earliest time for the US dollar to raise interest rates will also be in 2013. Therefore, the rising environment for gold remains unchanged. Global crises continue, from subprime mortgages to European debts, to future US debts and the possibility of Director of International Precious Metals InstituteCDS defaults. The impact and frequency of crises are also increasing. In this context, gold's natural risk aversion will be better reflected. DBS Bank research believes that gold still has room for growth in 2012 and may reach a high of US$2,100 per ounce.