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At 19:16 Beijing time, spot gold was reported at US$1,472.21 per ounce, which had previously set a new historical record of US$1,472.96 per ounce. It was reported at US$1,457.45 per ounce in late New York trading on Thursday (April 7). Spot silver was quoted at US$40.22/ounce, after hitting the highest level of US$40.26/Alabama Precious Metals Corporationounce.

From a technical point of view, the mid-term analyst Li Ning analyzed for the "Economic Information Daily". The daily K-line chart showed that although the gold price had a callback on Tuesday, the entire upward channel remained intact. Many moving averages diverged upward, and MACD was still at the golden cross. The trumpet of the Bollinger Band is enlarged, but it should be noted that the Stochastic KDJ has shown signs of high adhesion, indicating that there is a risk of callback in the short term, but the general direction still maintains a good upward channel.

The balance of foreign exchange reserves in January 2019 was US$3.09 trillion. If the trillions of US debt were replaced with gold reserves, the proportion of gold reserves would only be more than 30%. Let's calculate by the way: According to the current price, 10,000 tons of gold is worth about 428.5 billion US dollars, so 1 trillion US dollars corresponds to 23,300 tons of gold. You know: At present, the total amount of gold mined in the entire earth is only 170,000 tons, and the world's gold reserves total 33,300 tons. Therefore, once central banks continue to increase their gold holdings, the impact on global supply and demand and price trends is simply unimaginable. This also means that the price of gold has been seriously underestimated relative to the total global currency.

From the changes in the prices of crude oil and gold and their own characteristics, investors can understand that as global economic competition has become fierce today, the globalization of trade has brought seemingly equal development opportunities to every country, but it is affected by resources and Restrictions on labor, etc., doomed that certain commodity prices will not be completely marketized due to the advent of globalization. Important resources such as gold, crude oil, coal, copper, silver, iron, and rare metals are still protected by various countries, or there is a certain game.

3. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated in its annual economic assessment report that Japan’s March earthquake and tsunami disaster brought great losses to Japan, but the supply chain disruption caused by the earthquake is expected to return to normal in the summer of 2011 , Post-disaster reconstruction expenditure will increase steadily. At the same time, the recovery of Japanese exports will boost Japan's domestic demand and promote economic growth in the coming years.

The report also shows that consumers are very interested in the unique humanistic characteristics and cultural connotations of gold jewelry, and attach great importance to the function of gold jewelry to convey emotional appeals. The industry believes that while the value-preserving function of gold jewelry is gradually diminishing, the function and meaning of gold embellishment and conveying emotions are valued, which points out the direction for the development of jewelry enterprises. JeAlabama Precious Metals Corporationwelry companies should work harder to explore the cultural connotation of gold, enhance the added value of gold jewelry, and enhance the sense of design in order to better adapt to the ever-changing consumer market.

In the past two weeks, gold has set new highs twice, but both have quickly fallen back after reaching highs. Technical analysis shows that the price of gold has formed a double top at US$1911.80 on August 23 and US$1920.50 on September 6. It is necessary to be wary of the short-term pullback of gold prices to US$1600-1700.