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May 16 is the day when the total US federal debt reaches the upper limit of 14.29 trillion US dollars. US Treasury Secretary Geithner recently stated in a letter to the leaders of the Senate that the Treasury Department will take urgent measures to reallocate funds to continPrecious metals ira rulesue to make payments. These measures, including the temporary misappropriation of federal pension funds, can keep the government running until August 2. Geithner warned that if the US Congress does not reach an agreement on raising the debt ceiling by then, disastrous consequences will occur.

Scott Graham, head of the US Treasury Trading Department at BMOCapitalMarkets, said: I think that when Bernanke mentioned serious concerns, everything was clear. There will be a new round of easing policies in the future. The question now is just how the policy will be presented.

In addition, for the consumption of gold, He Peide believes that it will also be an important factor driving the rise of gold prices. In the next five years, the jewellery market will grow by 40%. This means that the mode of economic growth in the next five years may change, from the economic growth achieved by heavy industry and fixed asset investment in the past to consumer-oriented economic development, such as the demand for gold. Up to this point. He Peide said.

crazy! Buy crazy and sell crazy. The staff of a department store gold counter kept sighing. The soaring price of gold to 370 yuan/g is like riding a roller coaster all the way, triggering a wave of investment in the public. Experts reminded that after platinum and gold are upside down, the price of gold may fall sharply, and you need to be cautious when investing in gold.

2. The Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve) said in its monthly report on Wednesday that the monthly rate of US industrial output rose by 0.4% in December and is expected to rise by 0.5%. The monthly rate of industrial output in November was revised to fall by 0.3%, the first decline in seven months, and the initial value fell by 0.2%.

2. White House spokesperson Jay Carney said on Wednesday that US President Barack Obama (BarackObama) reached an agreement in a telephone conversation Precious metals ira ruleswith German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti on supporting the needs of the European economy and promoting European economic growth. Consistent.

In the early morning of June 29, Beijing time, New York gold futures prices rose slightly on Tuesday, closing at more than US$1,500 per ounce. The reason was that other commodity futures prices also rose, and investors were optimistic that Greeceā€™s sovereign debt crisis would be resolved. Has been enhanced.