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But the market still has some reactions to this. After the three major U.S. stock indexes reached their highest point at around 10:37 am on the 17th, they oscillated all the way and finally closed up slightly from the day before, but they never reached the time when Bernanke just started to read his dovish testimony. s level. On the 17th, the Dow Jones Industrial AverGold coin precious metalage rose 0.12% to 15,470.50 points, the S&P 500 index rose 0.28% to 1,680.91 points, and the Nasdaq component index rose 0.32% to 3610.00 points.

TEAMFinancialManagement analyst James Dailey believes that in the turbulent financial market, some investors may have dumped gold. They can't clearly see the market situation and think that it is better to hold cash than to lose money.

It broke through $1700/oz on August 8th! On August 11, it broke another $1,800/ounce in intraday trading! Although the international spot gold price has since corrected and hovered at around US$1,750, the market has been haze in recent days. The European debt crisis, the US debt crisis, the downgrade of the US credit rating, the situation in Libya, and the recent market launch of the third round of quantification for the US The expectation of loose monetary policy QE3 heats up, and gold has re-inserted flying wings. Starting from last Monday, the international spot gold price surged. Not only did it recover US$1,800/ounce last Thursday, it also rose by US$27/ounce last Friday to close at US$1,851/ounce.

The U.S. government announced the killing of Al-Qaida leader bin Laden. At the same time, data released by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) showed that the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) of the US ISM Manufacturing Industry was slightly higher than expected. In addition, data released by market research firm Markit showed that the final value of the Eurozone manufacturing PMI exceeded expectations.

However, the dovish voice still has a great effect on the market. Last week, the minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting and Bernanke's speech superimposed the resonance effect of carry trade repurchase and liquidation, which caused gold prices to increase by more than 5% that week. However, judging from the long and short positions of COMEX gold funds, the funds are still increasing their short positions on a large scale, resulting in the lowest net long positions of funds since February 6, 2007. The gold ETF holdings also maintained their lowest holdings since February 12, 2009.

However, it is worth noting that aGold coin precious metallthough the price of gold has been rising all the way recently, major institutions have also been optimistic about gold investment. However, since July, international gold has suddenly consolidated downwards. On July 2nd, the gold spot suddenly fell below the $1,200 mark, followed by Many investors have been hit hard by the continuous sluggish oscillating market and the roller coaster market.

Michael Lewis, head of DeutscheBank's commodity research department, said that at present, this issue may involve the national credibility of the United States, the Federal Reserve (Fed) policy, the potential third round of quantitative easing (QE3) and the performance of the US dollar, so the US debt ceiling issue It may evolve into a tail event and it will pose a bigger problem.

Under the continuous effect of the European debt crisis and the US debt crisis, the gold, known as the natural safe haven in the crisis, shines again. In less than a month, international gold prices continuously broke new highs, not only surpassing the ceiling of US$1,600 per ounce, but also going straight to the Qianqi mark.

The recent gold price has repeatedly hit new highs. On April 5, the international spot gold price hit US$1,457.45 per ounce during the intraday session. On April 6, the price of intraday gold hit US$1,462.30 per ounce and closed at US$1,459.70 per ounce. As of press time, the international spot gold price stood firmly above US$1,460.