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On the 24th, investment experts from the Jiangxi Gold Trading Center of Zhaojin Group stated that although gold still has room for growth, in the context of the global capital market plummeting, the reason for the strength of gold mainly comes from itPrecious metals in computerss special response to inflation and hedge against risks. Function, followed by profit function, and the greater the volatility of the gold market, soaring rises and falls will occur at any time, so people who expect gold speculation to become rich overnight need to adjust their mentality.

Trevethan predicts that the price of gold will rise by 4.5% from the current level, and is expected to rise to US$1,650 by the end of the first half of the year. He also said that the price of gold will accelerate to US$1,780 in the second half of the year, mainly due to demand from the world's two largest gold consumers and India. improve.

Jacob said that small and medium investors have numerous obstacles in investing in precious metals. Investing in gold coins, bullions and gold certificates requires professional advice, and even the smallest gold coin requires about 100 francs. This new gold franc, with a gold content of 0.1 grams, can be purchased for only 5 francs at the current price.

In July, there was no fundamental change in the international economic situation. The European debt crisis is still the main problem that plagues the European economy. Gold has attracted the attention of safe-haven buying. The international gold price fluctuated in the range of US$1,550/ounce to US$1630/ounce that month, rising 1% within the month.

The leverage of T+0 is often higher than other types of investment tools. The greater the leverage, the higher the return and the higher the risk. Since the price of precious metal T+0 is directly linked to the international precious metal price, the price changes basically every second. Therefore, investors should have rich trading experience and are more suitable for stable investors. Wang Xuemin said.

In addition, Egan-Jones downgraded Spain's rating from CCC+ to CC+. The rating agency has downgraded Spain's rating six times in the past three monthsPrecious metals in computers. According to the agency, Spain has a 35% chance of default in 2013.

Going west from Tokyo Railway Station is Marunouchi, a famous upscale area in Tokyo, where many large corporate headquarters and famous stores gather. Many corporate offices under the Mitsubishi Group are located here, giving Marunouchi the name of Mitsubishi Village. Among Mitsubishi Villages, the most glorious one is MJC---Mitsubishi Jewelry Center, where the gold products sold there are very famous.

In addition to India and Russia, other emerging economies have also joined the ranks of increasing their gold reserves. In the first quarter of this year, the central banks of the Philippines, Kazakhstan and Venezuela increased their gold reserves by 9.6 tons, 3.1 tons and 3.1 tons respectively. These three countries are currently increasing their gold holdings by buying from domestic gold mines. This can not only hedge against inflation risks, but also provide support for local industries.