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Of course, in the development and operation of mineral projects, in addition to financing costs and risk control, there are more influencing factors in the choice of joint development, such as political pressure and advantages. In any case, market expectations are still one of the most important considerations. From this perspective, gold mining companies themselves have certain doubts about the prospects of gold prices. And Precious metal refininginvestors are not optimistic about this hugely costly joint development project. After the plan was announced, the stock prices of Barrick and Canadian Gold both fell to varying degrees.

Standard Bank released the Precious Metals Daily on June 13, stating that according to the latest US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data, gold net speculative long positions continue to grow steadily, albeit at a slower pace. In the week of the 10th, the net speculative long position of gold increased by 26.7 tons. The increase in the previous two weeks was 59.6 tons and 30.4 tons respectively. The net speculative long position of gold is currently 716.9 tons, close to the 2010 average of 777.6 tons. The increase in net speculative long positions was due to an increase of 13.6 tons in speculative long positions and a decrease of 13.1 tons in speculative short positions.

In the 1920s, more than half of the world's foreign exchange reserves were owned by France, but it ended in a disastrous ending in the pound trap. At that time, the Bank of France, which managed foreign exchange reserves, was a private institution and did not cover all the foreign exchange assets of France.

Weinberg said that as the U.S. dollar strengthened and investors’ expectations of improved U.S. economic prospects after the release of the U.S. non-agricultural employment data in April heat up, gold gave up its previous gains, but it is still well supported because demand for spot gold remains strong, and The impact of the European Central Bank's interest rate cut is still there.

Gold prices have once again returned to near historical highs, and they are still king among many investment products. The strong price of gold has attracted the attention of many investors, but due to the relatively high risk of margin trading, many investors would rather choose paper gold and gold exchange spot gold trading at the current position. A careful comparison shows that, in addition to the physical gold that can be extracted from spot gold, the advantages of paper gold in trading are obviously stronger than spot gold.

Measure 1: On September 28, the Shanghai Financial Exchange will decide whether to adopt unilateral or bilateral, the same proportion or different proportions, some or all members will increase the trading margin, suspend some or all members to open new positions, and adjust the price limit Restrict one or more of the measures such as some or all members withdrawing funds, closing positions within a time limit, forcibly closing positions, and suspending markets to resolve market risks. The relevant measures will be announced on the Shanghai Financial Exchange's websitePrecious metal refining before 12 noon on September 28, and will be implemented at the end of September 28th.

Unlike most institutions that are optimistic that the second round of LTRO will boost the COMEX gold price to 1,800 US dollars per ounce, investment banks instead believe that this may be an opportunity to make profits. According to an investment bank's head of commodities department, this is mainly based on the fact that the investment bank found that India's gold demand and price in February have stabilized following the rebound of the Indian rupee. Short-term gold prices may not continue to rise due to the balance of supply and demand.

The "Daily Business News" yesterday (May 17) reported on the Wenzhou speculation syndicate investigation and found that speculators lost tens of millions of yuan. For such a city where hot money speculation in precious metals is popular, many people may just marvel at the scale of its capital, but few people know the many risks behind it. Recently, an industry insider reported to the reporter of the "Daily Economic News" that as the silver market is booming in Wenzhou, some so-called London silver has also flourished. These underground gold speculation companies that strongly recommend London silver have also begun Aim at business opportunities and take advantage of the opportunity to gather customers and make money.