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SynthtiPrecious metal sales red dotxsynthetix synthetix, formerly known as havven, is a payment network designed for daily consumption of digital money. The synthetix network uses a dual currency system to reduce price volatility. The charges for Internet transactions are used as collateral to issue a new stable token with assets endorsement on the block chain. The Nomin token adjusts its DeFi index token sDEFI tracking assets and corresponding weights in its Spica deployment today. The new sdefi index token tracks 12 kinds of defi tokens, of which comp accounts for 20.5% of sdefi token weight, MKR accounts for 15%, KNC accounts for 11.8%, and SNx accounts for 10.2%. As previously reported by Lianwen, synthetix plans to deploy the "spica" upgrade today to make some protocol improvements. This version will include the following contents: 1. Sip-35 and sccp-27, the second test of using as collateral assets, in which the mortgage rate will be adjusted from 150% to 125%. 2. Sip-44, partial modification of settlement process; 3. Sip-54, adding price limit sheet function to synth exchange. After the deployment upgrade, the system will shut down for several hours. During this period, users may not be able to interact with the system, including using mintr or Synthetix.Exchange And transfer SNx or synths.

Vitalik buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, tweeted in a series of tweets that in the long run, the interest rate of DFI cannot be more than one percentage point higher than the best interest rate of traditional finance. In fact, many of the most valuable parts of defi are probably the most boring, that is, providing anyone in the world with an encrypted dollar with an interest rate that matches the inflation rate, which is a huge benefit for many people. We just need to improve it. Of course, the ideal situation is to find something exciting and meaningful. We will continue to be optimistic about various applications of DAICO (the combination of Dao and ICO, i.e. distributed ICO), as well as many other combined applications and market prediction. As previously reported by Lianwen, vitalik buterin said in mid and late June that high interest rate defo products were over interpreted and finance should not be aimed at maximizing returns.

Users can also reduce the risk of price volatility in the cryptocurrency world through our derivatives transactions. An on chain exchange with high liquidity for real-time trading of digital assets, which realizes trading and digital asset conversion, and provides payment and derivatives API. Kyberkyberknc view more announced that more than 5 million KNC tokens had been destroyed before the kyberdao and katalyst agreements were upgraded. By the time of publication, kybernetwork's total cost was about 6.95 million KNC tokens, and the 24-hour transaction volume was about 7.82 million US dollars.

Nest will upgrade the ntoken Oracle offer contract at 12:00 today. Ntoken quotation contract address is changed from 0x99bd363a144fb61feae863b182f1f200667a1879 to = = > 0xc40d7b9ca90eaca4a6e067b6ec689fd29f4a8b3c. Ntoken Oracle quoted miners need to change the new quotation contract address after upgrading.

The regulatory crackdown has been reduced. On chain settlement, off chain matching. The consultant team includes Olaf, chief executive officer of coinbase, founder of polychain, and CO cioamir bandeali of Pantera. At present, there are tens of thousands of developers in the community. More than 20 trading platforms use the X protocol and apply it to 10 + dapps, including markerdai, request, August, etc. 0xzrx0x view more announced that since the launch of the API service, the service's transaction volume has exceeded $400000 in the past 24 hours. Lianwen once introduced that third-party developers can access the liquidity of the exchange on or off the chain (DEX) by accessing the 0xapi. The 0xapi has aggregated for users the following simple token free exchange protocols: 0xmesh, kyber, uniswapuniswapuniswap, called shapeshift or Bancor, which has been launched on the main network. Writing with Vyper, gas consumption is extremely low. Uniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuni view the liquidity of more and oasis exchanges and select the best price for users through smart order routing. With the integration of more and more liquidity providers, the 0xapi will be upgraded automatically, but users do not need to make any adjustments. At present, Nuo, BZX (fulcrum), zerion, topofinance, defisaver and other open financial projects have begun to integrate the 0xapi. The 0xapi is developing more features that will be available soon, including getting streaming price information, collecting fees for projects to better commercialize, creating a more advanced transaction interface, and submitting orders through Ethereum's metatransactions function.

In order to participate in the audit of the token holders in the future beyond the audit objectives. According to previous rePrecious metal sales red dotports, yamfinance said in its official blog that it would set up gitcoin donation fund to coordinate the community funding to complete the yam contract audit. Yam also said that if the funding target is met, it plans to support the release of yam2.0 through migration from smart contracts after the audit is completed.