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According to the US patent and Trademark Office, the maker eco development foundation tried to register the "defi" trademark in January this year, but it has not yet been approved. Defi is the abbreviation of decentralized finance in cryptocurrency industry. Maker told coindesk that "the maker foundation acquired the defi trademark to make it available to the community as a whole and to avoid being preempted by other malicious people. We see some projects trying to register "stable Precious metal sales taxcoin" as a trademark, and we don't want that to happen. The maker foundation has not yet obtained the defi trademark and will not continue to apply. We understand that the community is capable of protecting itself, so we are sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding caused by this. "

because its technology is in line with the idea that coinbase is revolutionizing traditional finance. Compoundcomp, nest community and dydx will jointly promote the research and development of defi, establish common protocols and standards, and promote the development of global cross-border cooperation and ecosystem.

Data wallet onto announced that it supports flamingo, a full stack interoperability protocol based on Neo, and became the first mobile phone wallet to support Flamingo full product module. The new version of onto will be released on September 25 to support Flamingo cross chain asset transfer and cross chain asset pledge of "vault" module in the way of native function integration. Onto is the official data wallet of ontology, which can realize one-stop self-management of identity, data and asset information, and make user's data become valuable assets that can be controlled independently.

According to Hu Zhiwei, research director of IrisNet, on twitter, "IrisNet has launched the coinswap function similar to uniswap in the main network upgrade last year, and will be further optimized and improved based on cosmosdk and IBC Cross Chain Protocol in the future. "

Defi insurance nexus mutual nexus mutual is an insurance alternative that provides smart contract protection. Smart contract insurance is not a traditional insurance contract. The claim payment will be implemented through the economic incentive driven by digital pass, rather than centralizing the insurance companies that need to be trusted. Nexus nxmwnxm check out more founder Hugh Karp's improvement proposal in the makerdao community, which recommends that the makerdao protocol transfer some of the risk of balance sheet imbalance by using nexus mutual's tailor-made insurance. The proposal states that nexus mutual can provide two types of insurance for makerdao coordination, one is Dai debt based on threshold, such as if the debt generated exceeds 50 million Dai,

Devi trading aggregator 1inch will be online shared in China's blockchain community at 7pm tonight. The event Precious metal sales taxis hosted by atoken, a cryptocurrency wallet, and co hosted by linknews and winkrypto, with the theme of "how dex2.0 surpasses user value expectations". The AMA event was attended by Mr. tsorgej Kunz, founder and CEO of 1inch, and Mr. atokencmo jolish. The two sides will have an all-round exchange with the audience on such topics as the future trend of the platform of difi and DEX, the future trend of eth2.0, and the future development layout of 1inch and atoken. The AMA will be live video through online platform, and will be broadcast in 1 inch Chinese community.

In order to create a proof of reserves system, horizen's zero knowledge proof is used. Nuke Goldstein, chief technology officer at Celsius, said the biggest challenge for defi was transparency. The reserve certification pilot will obtain the information displayed on the Celsius website and from the horizen side chain (not Celsius internal server). The application will first display the customer's assets by token type and eventually share Celsius transaction data encrypted by horizen's zero proof of knowledge toolkit without disclosing the customer's personal identity information.