Precious metals investment

Precious metal investment_precious metal trading

But he believes that whether it is the stock market or the bulk commodity market, the phased strength should be treated as a rebound, and it is not appropriate to look at the market with the bulls eye that is nourished by chicken blood. The analysis of th

Under this circumstance, a new tactic may be introduced to push up silver and divert funds that could have sought after gold. Of course, this in itself can also be profitable. In response to this speculation, at the end of October 2010, the Wall Street Jo

In addition, compared with the first half of the holiday season, gold store sales are gradually entering the summer off-season, and various businesses have also held preferential activities. It is reported that this weekend, in addition to lowering the pr

On August 11, 2011, the first phase of the high-end interview series "Focus on Market Development in the Golden Decade" exclusively planned by Gold Channel invited Mr. Liu Shanen, the expert committee of the Beijing Gold Economic Research Center

Study and promote the participation of qualified foreign institutional investors in the domestic futures market and optimize the structure of market investors. Wang Lihua mentioned this in his keynote speech, which shows that QFIIs participation in commod

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