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However, European and American central banks receive meagre borrowing income. At the same time, How to start a precious metal businessif investment banks postpone the purchase of high-priced physical gold and return it to the central bank due to the surge in gold prices, their central bank gold reserves will face a decline. This is one of the reasons why they need to withdraw 635 tons of gold from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) to make up for their own gold reserves. The above-mentioned gold broker analysis said.

In addition, London silver is currently in a narrow range of shocks. Yesterday, it happened to be suppressed below the 30-day moving average. As of 23:00 last night, the London spot silver price was US$37.21 per ounce. The US dollar has rebounded strongly for two trading days, rising by 0.4% this Wednesday and about 0.44% yesterday. As of 23:00 last night, the US dollar index was 74.196.

Due to the delay in making progress on the European debt issue, international gold prices fluctuated downward last week, reaching a minimum of 1602.74 US dollars per ounce. Last weekend's EU summit brought hope to the market. After entering this week, gold rebounded slightly under the leadership of the euro and major stock indexes, reaching around $1654 per ounce at midday on Tuesday. Gold prices closed at 341.50 yuan/g on Tuesday. The second EU summit held this Wednesday will undoubtedly become the focus of market attention.

International silver prices on Monday (September 3) consolidated at a high level in early trading. Bernanke released some easing signals at the central bank's annual meeting, which boosted market sentiment. The silver price effectively surpassed 31.30 resistance during the European and American hours last Friday. The daily line relied on the 10-day moving average, and the upward pattern remained good.

In addition, the monthly US non-agricultural data will be announced as scheduled. The market is currently generally expected to increase by 200,000, or remain near the average level over the past four months. It’s worth noting that many senior Fed officials will deliver speeches one after another this week. The two major camps of the Fed’s dove and eagles are expected to engage in a quarrel around the QE policy, which is very likely to cause non-agricultural impacts. Zoom in further.

On the last trading day (19th), a series of economic data released by the United States was relatively good. The market’s concerns about interest rate hikes have increased, which has suppressed the trend of precious metals to a certain extent, and gold aHow to start a precious metal businessnd silver have recorded declines. Data information shows that London Gold opened at US$1,297.46 yesterday, with a maximum of US$1,302.29 and a minimum of US$1,293.70. It closed down from US$2.05 to US$1295.05, a decrease of 0.16%; spot silver opened from US$19.57, oscillating in the range of US$19.35 to US$19.71, and closed. Reported to 19.40 US dollars, down 0.16 US dollars, or 0.82%.

In terms of geopolitics, the situation in Russia and Ukraine has further escalated. Yesterday, the tank unit of the Ukrainian government forces launched a military strike against the pro-Russian armed forces in the eastern city of Slaviansk. In the process, 5 Ming pro-Russian armed personnel were killed and one government army was injured. Then Russia announced that it would restart military exercises, and a large number of Russian troops began to gather in the border areas. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine believes that Russia's actions are clearly contrary to the spirit of Geneva and suggested that the United States and the European Union impose stricter sanctions on Russia. In addition, the foreign minister stated that the Kiev authorities will do their utmost to protect territorial integrity and sovereignty from violations.

We have been paying attention to the liquidity problems brought about by the European and American debt crises, but we have ignored the developers. After developers continue to adopt monetary tightening policies, liquidity problems have gradually emerged, such as the recent break of the capital chain in Wenzhou. The Shanghai Composite Index and the Shenzhen Component Index have also continued to hit lows. It is not difficult to see that the entire financial market is tight. The day before yesterday, the Huijin Stability Maintenance Fund increased its holdings of the four major bank stocks of Industry, Agriculture, China Construction, and various signs that it is possible to transform monetary policy. Ma Wenyuan believes that the reason for the tightening of monetary policy is to combat inflation. When the market dominated by crude oil and copper, the major commodities plummeted, it will play a significant role in the fall of the CPI of emerging market countries in the fourth quarter of 2011. If the CPI gradually declines, emerging markets gradually shift from tightening monetary policies to easing, and liquidity is eased, investors will no longer have so much desire for cash, and gold is likely to usher in life. This is because gold and cash are always in a state of opposition. When investors are hungry for cash, gold will naturally be abandoned.

On the same day, the price of silver futures for July delivery fell 31.7 cents to close at $23.379 per ounce, a decrease of 1.34%. Platinum futures for July delivery rose by 17.4 US dollars to close at 1501.9 US dollars per ounce, an increase of 1.17%.